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All of hemerocallis listings will follow an order in the description to make it as easy for you as possible to find exactly what you want as follows:
 1. Name of plant
 2. Hybridizer and year introduced
 3. Height of flower
 4. Season of flowering
 5. Size of flower in inches
 6.  Wintering stage
  a. Dor = dormant
  b. Ev = evergreen
c. Sev = semi-evergreen
 7. Ploidy
a. Dip = diploid
b. Tet = tetraploid
 8. Description
 9. Extra information Fr. = fragrant
10. Price per division
American Revolution r.jpg (40183 bytes) American Revolution Wild ’72 28”M Re dor dip 5½” velvety black red self with green throat                          $5.00
Apache Scout r.jpg (36832 bytes) Apache Scout Tompkins’96 28”E Re dor tet 5¾” red self , red throat    $8.00 
Apollodorus Munson’85 28”ML Re Ev tet 4½” violet purple self with a cream yellow throat                            $5.00
At First Blush r.jpg (39055 bytes) At First Blush Salter’96  24” EM Re 5½” Sev tet creamy lavender with pink blending                                  $25.00
Audacity Plus Gates’84 22”E Re Ev tet 5½” yellow self, green throat $5.00
Aztec Chalice Hager’88  35”M Re Ev tet 5½” red self with greenish yellow throat             $5.00
Aztek Furnace.gif (41782 bytes) Aztek Furnace Stamile’87 27” EM 5” dor tet red with deeper red eyezone & green throat      $5.00
Banana Cream Beauty r.jpg (43978 bytes) Banana Cream Beauty Carpenter’96 13”M Ev tet Fr Re cream self       $20.00
Barbara Mitchell.gif (35546 bytes) Barbara Mitchell Pierce’85 20”M Re Sev dip 6” pink self with green throat   $5.00
Blackberry Bandito Slyvester’93 30”ML dor dip 5½” orange & gold, deep purple eye & green throat   $5.00
Blonde Is Beatiful.gif (41140 bytes) Blonde is Beautiful Harris’85 28”M Sev tet 6” extremely bright creamy lemon self with green throat very ruffled   $5.00 
Bold One r.jpg (50588 bytes) Bold One Lenington’67 40”M Sev dip 7” large flowered gold with dark wine halo          $5.00
Burgundy Baroness r.jpg (30975 bytes) Burgundy Baroness Carr’97  28” EM Re 5” Ev tet dark red self   $25.00
Buttered Popcorn.gif (40265 bytes) Buttered Popcorn Benzinger’71 32” ML 6” dor tet yellow self Fr               $5.00
Butterfly Garden Yancey’81 26”EM Re Sev dip 5½” lavender with lavender eye and pale yellow throat           $5.00
Button Bee Love’92 18”M Re Sev dip 2¾” red orange with red halo above green throat Fr.                         $5.00
Calcortia Tompkins’96 14”EM Re dor dip 3½” buff yellow with orange eye  and lime green throat           $8.00
Caprician Comet Rogers’92 24” EM Re 5½” Sev dip yellow self with pinkish midribs, deep green throat Fr.$6.00
Charles Johnston.gif (40242 bytes) Charles Johnston  Gates’81 24”EM Re Sev tet 6” cherry red self green throat $5.00 
Charlie Brown Durio’72 22”E Ev tet 4” shell pink blend, rose pink halo & yellow throat           $5.00
Chinese Allure.gif (41489 bytes) Chinese Allure Yonski’88 32”ML dor tet 6” pale peach with dark rose eye  and green throat                   $5.00
Cimarron Knight Salter’91 22”M Re Ev tet 6” burnt sienna with black plum eye                    $5.00
Cindy Marie Durio’77 28”EM Re Ev dip 6” baby ribbon pink self with a green throat, Fr.                    $5.00
Claudine Millikan’85 24”M dor tet 5” medium blood red with darker eye and chartreuse throat                    $5.00
College Try r.jpg (36183 bytes) College Try Apps’85 38”M dor tet 3¼” red with darker halo and yellow green throat           $5.00
Courtly Love r.jpg (32741 bytes) Courtly Love Munson’89 28”E Re dor tet 6” light pink with cream watermark  green lemon throat        $5.00
Crimson Joy r.jpg (39563 bytes) Crimson Joy Senior’88 24”EM dor dip 5¼” crimson red self with green throat                 $5.00
Custard Candy.gif (39669 bytes) Custard Candy Stamile’93 24”EM Re 4¼”dor tet cream yellow, maroon eye, green throat       $8.00
Decatur Dictator Davidson’79 24”EM dor tet 5½” mulberry red with a purple eye and golden throat      $5.00
Doge Of Venice r.jpg (35882 bytes) Doge of Venice Munson’82 26”EM Re Ev tet 5” purple with purple eye and green throat          $5.00
Eternity’s Shadow  Petit’96 tet 21” M 6” Ev tet dark purple with a lighter eyezone                                             $15.00
Fall Farewell Peck’75 27”L dor tet 7½” lavender self, green yellow throat                                                           $5.00
Fan Club Shooter’92 27”M Re 4”Sev dip light lavender with purple eye and chartreuse throat                           $6.00

Fiery Messenger  Elliot’83 22”L Sev dip 6¾” red with darker halo and bright green throat, Fr.                   $5.00

Fires of Fuji Hudson’90 28”M Re Sev tet 5” red, orange and tan bitone with a  yellow green throat          $15.00
Forestlake Point Lace r.jpg (41510 bytes) Forestlake Point Lace Harding’96 26” E Re 6” Sev tet ruffled yellow self, Fr.         $35.00
Full Moon Magic Salter’96  tet 26” M 3½”Ev tet peach pink blend  $20.00
Golden Scroll Guidry’83 19”E Re dor dip 5½” tangerine self with green throat, Fr           $5.00
Good Morning America r.jpg (34300 bytes) Good Morning America Salter’92  26”M Re 6” Sev tet ivory cream and gold blend with green throat      $20.00 
Gordon Briggs Crochet’81 24”E 3½” Sev dip raspberry red with bright red eye and green throat           $5.00
Hot Sceme r.jpg (39066 bytes) Hot Scheme Salter’97 26”M Re 3½” Sev tet wonderful red self with a gold edge and throat               $10.00
Hudson Valley.gif (44828 bytes) Hudson Valley Peck’71 32”M 8½” dor tet yellow green self with deep green throat              $6.00
Indian Sky.jpg (16524 bytes) Indian Sky Farris’63 22”M 5½”Ev dip rich gold with a dark purple eye and green throat         $5.00
Inner Sanctum.gif (47952 bytes) Inner Sanctum Tompkins’95 35”E Re dor tet 7” dusty blue rose self with tiny Nile green throat $10.00
Jane Angus.gif (37049 bytes) Jane Angus Farris’65 20”EM Re 5½”Ev dip golden yellow, with a dark purple eyezone and green throat  $5.00
Janice Brown.jpg (16837 bytes) Janice Brown Brown’86 21”EM Sev dip 4¼” bright pink with rose pink eye and green throat      $7.00
Jason Mark Crochet’89 25”EM Re dor dip 4” pastel cream buff with purple eye and diamond dusted gold band above dark green throat               $6.00
Jersey Spider r.jpg (62472 bytes) Jersey Spider Grovatt’75 26”M Re  dor  dip 8” orange spider             $6.00
June Melody r.jpg (43533 bytes) June Melody Childs’72 30”EM Re 6” dor tet  nice apricot self with a green throat Fr.           $5.00
Lady Fingers r.jpg (45703 bytes) Lady Fingers Peck’67 32”M 6” dor dip yellow green spider with green throat                  $6.00  
Leebea Orange Crush.gif (30267 bytes) Leebea Orange Crush Gates’78 18”EM Re 6”  Sev tet orange with red eye, yellow  throat     $5.00  
Lemon Lace Rudolph’79 32”EM 5”dor tet lemon yellow self with small dark green throat, Fr            $8.00
Libretto Tompkins’96 32”E Re 7½” Sev tet very large flowered cream white with lime green throat        $12.00  
Lingering Rainbow r.jpg (37817 bytes) Lingering Rainbow Tompkins’96 29”EM Re 6” dor tet coppery pink polychrome with lime throat       $8.00
Little Business.gif (40525 bytes) Little Business Maxwell’71 15”EM Re 3” Sev dip small flowered red      $5.00  
Little Red Devil Kennedy’86 16”M 3” dor dip rose crimson blend with a light green throat           $5.00  
Little Red Warbler r.jpg (31248 bytes) Little Red Warbler Crochet’85 18” EM Re 3½” dor dip dark red with maroon eye            $5.00  
Little Wine Cup Carter’6920”E Re dor dip 2” nice wine self           $5.00  
mariska.gif (44224 bytes) Mariska Moldovan‘86 28”m Re 6½” dor tet light pink blend with orchid undertones and lemon green throat        $6.00  
Mary's Gold.gif (38315 bytes) Mary’s Gold McDonell’86 34”M 7” dor tet brilliant golden orange self, green throat                  $6.00  
matt.gif (34772 bytes) Matt Harris’82 20”M 6” dor tet yellow self with a bronze overlay and green throat                  $5.00  
Mauna Loa.gif (39566 bytes) Mauna Loa Roberts’78 22”EM 5” dor tet  amber gold blend with deep red wire edge and light green throat $5.00 
Ming Porcelain.gif (31576 bytes) Ming Porcelain Kirchoff’82 28”E Re 5¼” Ev tet pastel ivory pink touched peach and edged gold with yellow halo & lime green throat  $5.00  
Ming Snow Moldovan’76 26”EM Re 5” dor tet cream pink blend, Fr.   $7.00  
Mini Stella Jablonsky’83 10”E Re 1¼”dor dip yellow with burnt orange eyezone and green throat            $5.00  
Minstrel Boy r.jpg (41054 bytes) Minstrel Boy Wild’74 25”M 5” dor dip wine black self with a yellow green throat           $5.00  
Miss Jesse r.jpg (37552 bytes) Miss Jesse Hardy’56 40”M dor dip mauve and light yellow bicolor $6.00 
Monkey Maker r.jpg (37839 bytes) Monkey Maker Tompkins’98 29”E Re 3” dor tet dark eggshell cream with rosy maroon eye, green throat   $9.00  
Moon Sent Joiner’97 24”ML Re 6” dor dip amber rose blend with a green throat           $8.00  
Moonlight Mist Hudson’82 18”M 3” Ev dip frost pink blend with a chartreuse throat           $5.00  
Morning Bliss r.jpg (28973 bytes) Morning Bliss Winiford’85 21”EM 4½” Ev dip near white with strawberry eye and green throat                    $5.00  
My Darling Clementine Salter’88 21”E Re 4½” Ev dip yellow self with a green throat           $7.00  
My Girl Stamile’93 23”EE Re Sev tet 5½” rose pink self with a green throat, Fr.                      $8.00  
Olallie Red Darrow’75 34”ML 6¼” dor tet  crimson red with darker halo and green throat                         $5.00  
Pink Playmate r.jpg (31596 bytes) Pink Playmate Rogers’96 22”VL Re 3½” Sev dip pink self with faint cream throat            $10.00  
Poinciana Regal.gif (38401 bytes) Poinciana Regal Tompkins’92 30”ML 6” Sev tet  wide petaled, clean colored and non burning solid red            $15.00  
Pop Art r.jpg (29577 bytes) Pop Art Bennett’86 26”EM Re 6”Sev dip lt. rose pink and cream blend, green yellow throat    $5.00  
Prinston Pink r.jpg (42044 bytes) Princeton Pink Powell’80 28”M Re 6” dor tet pink self           $5.00  
Purple Pinwheel Kennedy’85 22”EM 4¾” dor dip deep black purple with a light chartreuse throat        $6.00  
Real Wind.gif (40250 bytes) Real Wind  Wild’77 27”ML 6½” dor tet light orange with a rose halo and gold throat                     $5.00  
Red Ribbons Lenington’65 42”M 8” Ev dip red spider with greenish yellow throat                    $5.00  
Regal Braid  Stamile’94 12” Re 5½” dor tet cream lavender with braided purple edge and green throat     $10.00  
Regency Spring r.jpg (30893 bytes) Regency Spring Salter E.’96 26”M 4”Ev tet pink self, green throat    $8.00  
respighi.gif (35225 bytes) Respighi  Munson’87 20”EM Re 6” Ev tet wine black chalky white eye and a yellow green throat   $7.00  
Richard Connelly r.jpg (36875 bytes) Richard Connelley Peck’80 24”M 6” dor tet red self, green throat   $5.00  
Rio de Janeiro.gif (35706 bytes) Rio de Janeiro Munson’88 24”M Re 5” Ev tet rose self with yellow green throat    $5.00  
Rodeo Cowboy.gif (52169 bytes) Rodeo Cowboy Tompkins’95 40” VL Re 6” dor tet our tallest red. Brilliant and showy, it is perfect for the rear border red with chartreuse and green throat        $10.00  
Roses on Toast Stretz’87 28”E Re 6” Sev tet toasted rose blend with orange yellow and green throat, Fr          $5.00  
Royal Braid Stamile’93 25”M Re 5”Sev tet lavender with a silver edge, royal purple eye, green throat    $12.00  
Royal Diadem Boyean’74 26”EM Re 6” dor tet lavender rose with dark lavender eye and green throat           $5.00  
Ruffled Dude Munson’86 20”EM Re 5” dor tet cream self with chartreuse throat                $8.00  

Ruffled Feathers Peck ’82 26”M 6” dor tet pink self with yellow green throat          $5.00  

Sabie MacMillian’74 24”E Re 6” Ev tet golden yellow with a green throat           $5.00  
Saratoga Springtime r.jpg (42640 bytes) Saratoga Springtime Saxton’76 24”EE 6” dor tet orange with rose red halo and golden orange throat     $5.00
Seductress.gif (38613 bytes) Seductress Gates’79 18”EM Re 5½” Ev tet gray lavender bitone edged purple with purple halo, green throat                         $5.00  
Serena Dark Horse.gif (41092 bytes) Serena Dark Horse Marshall’84 35”EM 5” dor tet very dark red self with green throat                 $8.00  
Serena Lady r.jpg (46779 bytes) Serena Lady Marshall’84  24” M 5” dor dip pink with gold edge and dark green throat                                      $8.00  
Shanghi Breeze r.jpg (44916 bytes) Shanghi Breeze Moldovan’83  28” EM Re 7” Sev tet coral tangerine pink blend with yellow green throat    $6.00  
sherwoodgladiator.jpg (42927 bytes) Sherwood Gladiator Rogers’91 54”EM 6” Sev tet lemon yellow self with a tiny green throat                $5.00  
SherwoodSoldier.jpg (25957 bytes) Sherwood  Soldier Rogers’91 32”EM 5¾” dor dip light yellow self       $5.00  
Show Me Dwarf.gif (38155 bytes) Show Me Dwarf Tankesly/Clark’99 10”ML 2¼” Sev dip warm peach with light rose edge yellow green throat     $12.00  
Siberian Summer Carr’98 30” M 5½” Ev tet ivory blend with dark amber peach edge      $12.00  
Sicilian Summer Salter’94 26”EM Re 4” Sev tet yellow self           $9.00
Siloam Bo Peep.gif (35963 bytes) Siloam Bo Peep Henry’83 18”EM 4½”  dor dip orchid pink blend with a  deep purple eyezone, green throat Fr. $5.00  
Siloam Doodlebug r.jpg (39459 bytes)

Siloam Doodlebug Henry’85 18”EM 3¼” dor dip lemon with black purple eye and green throat           $5.00  

Siloam French Lace r.jpg (22747 bytes) Siloam French Lace Henry’75 27” M 7” dor dip large ruffled yellow self with a green throat     $5.00  
Siloam Joan Senior Henry’82 20”M 3¾” dor dip rose with deeper eye and green throat          $5.00  
Siloam Little Girl.gif (39546 bytes) Siloam Little Girl  Henry’76 18”M 3¾” dor dip shrimp pink, rose eye,  green gold throat                     $5.00  
Siloam Red Toy.gif (44631 bytes) Siloam  Red Toy Henry’75 20”EM 2¾” dor dip red self dark in center, with green throat          $5.00  
Silaom Space Age.gif (41885 bytes) Siloam Space Age Henry’71 24”M 6” dor dip bright yellow self with green throat  $5.00  
Silver Veil.gif (43510 bytes) Silver Veil  Munson ’77 28”EM Re 5” Ev tet pale lilac self with cream throat  $5.00  
Something Wonderful.jpg (16129 bytes) Something Wonderful Salter’93 28”EM Re 5” Sev tet ivory  cream pink self with ruffled gold edge and lime green throat          $9.00  
Soprano r.jpg (24270 bytes) Soprano Tompkins’98 36”EM Re 7” Sev tet roman ochre with light amber glow eye and green throat         $12.00
Stella de Oro.gif (40622 bytes) Stella de Oro Jablonski’75 11”EM Re 2¾” dor dip gold self with sm. green throat   $5.00  
Strawberry Candy.gif (46627 bytes) Strawberry Candy  Stamile’89 26”EM Re 4¼” Sev tet strawberry pink blend with rose red eye and golden green throat $7.00
strawberry swirl.jpg (10778 bytes) Strawberry Swirl Moldovan’82 30” M Re 5½” dor tet pink with red pink eye and green yellow throat         $5.00  
streaker.gif (37881 bytes) Streaker McKinney’74 20”EM Re 4½” Sev dip cream pink with red eye and green throat                  $5.00  
strutters ball.jpg (8358 bytes) Strutters Ball Moldovan’84 28”M 6” dor tet black purple with white watermark and lemon green throat         $6.00
Sunday Gloves.gif (44995 bytes) Sunday Gloves  LeBegue’86 27”EM Re 5¼” dor dip near white self with pale yellow throat       $7.00  
Super Doll Joiner’83 20”E Re 3¾” Sev dip apricot self with green throat           $5.00  
Super Prize Peck’76 26”E 6¼” Sev tet deep pink self, green throat  $5.00  
Swirling Water Carpenter’79 22”EM 6½” Sev dip purple with cream white watermark with a green throat     $7.00  
Thais Munson’80 30”EM Re 6” Ev tet mauve with slate blue eye and chartreuse throat        $5.00  
Tiny Pumpkin.gif (47697 bytes) Tiny Pumpkin  Hudson’76 20”EM Re  2¼”Ev dip orange self  green throat        $5.00  
Toby's Tune.gif (41300 bytes) Toby’s Tune Tompkins’99 30” M 6½” Sev tet yellow with bronze brown overlay green throat                   $15.00  
Too Marvelous.gif (30592 bytes) Too Marvelous  Sellers’75 24”M 5” dor dip melon pink blend with green throat              $5.00  
tootsie.gif (37291 bytes) Tootsie Kirchoff’83 20”E Re 3¼” Sev dip med. pink with deeper band above green throat                $5.00  
Tunnel Of Light r.jpg (46863 bytes) Tunnel of Light Tompkins’98 34”EM Re 6½” dor tet pink self with lemon cream throat                  $12.00  
Wedding Band.gif (38721 bytes) Wedding Band Stamile’88 26”M 5½” Sev tet cream white edged bright yellow with a green throat, Fr.       $8.00  
windsong.gif (38655 bytes) Windsong Bryant’74 28”M 6”Sev dip cream flushed pink with a cream throat        $5.00  
Windsor Watermark r.jpg (57731 bytes) Windsor Watermark Munson’82 26”EM Re 6” Ev tet violet lavender with cream lavender eye and yellow cream throat, Fr.             $7.00  
Yellow Lollipop Crochet’81 11” EM 2¼” dor dip med yellow self with a green throat, Fr             $5.00  
zofia.gif (115445 bytes) Zofia Steinborn’88 28”EM Ev tet 5” flesh pink blend with mauve overtones green cream throat               $5.00

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