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Hello Everyone:

Since we are hosting the Spuria Mini Convention this year, we are starting our 2010 listing with three new Spuria Introductions by Lee Walker.  I know you will be enjoying his creations now and in the years to come.  We also have a good selection of other catagories hybridized by Lee as well as several other hybridizers.

We are also introducing a new tetraploid Cal-Sib for Thomas Tamberg.  It is an excellent grower and will be a beauty in your garden.  We also have another Tetraploid Cal-Sib raised by Dave Niswonger.  It is a real beauty.

Two new hybridizers premiering in our catalogue this year are Frank Foster and Glenn Stoneking-Jones.  Frank brings his tall bearded work to us (including Broidy selections) and a Broidy PC.  Glen brings some new Hemeocallis (Daylily) hybrids and will have many more to come in the future.

The Craigs are taking a well deserved rest this year, but we have many seedlings forth-coming in the years to come. 

Thank you for your past patronage.  We look forward hearing from you and hope your growing season is long and floriforous.

All My Best


Enjoy the Newer Introductions below.


Klondike Dreams.jpg (19880 bytes)

Klondike Dreams Walker’10 40”M Spuria  gold standards veined dark copper with a copper edge; golden copper styles, copper crests; gold falls veined copper giving an orange effect, medium yellow signal, light sweet fragrance   $40.00

Red War Clouds.jpg (17736 bytes) Red War Clouds Walker’10  40”M Spuria standards and falls dark red maroon; styles arms red grey, red crests;  yellow signal; slight fragrance       $40.00
Sockeye.JPG (22503 bytes) Sockeye Walker’10 41”M Spuria salmon standards veined darker salmon, yellow base and veining; yellow styles with salmon edge and crest, darker yellow center; medium yellow signal, yellow center line  $40.00

Cal-Sib (tet)

Fourfold Wine.jpg (18295 bytes) Fourfold Wine Tamberg’10 21”M . Cal-Sib (tet) flowers have wide falls and are of a deep wine red color with velvety substance. The throat signal is relatively small. The plant is fertile in both directions, great for the hybridizer             $40.00
Into The Galaxy.jpg (28725 bytes) Into The Galaxy Niswonger’10 SpX 24”M Cal-Sib (tet) standards and style arms light rosy-buff with magenta midribs, falls magenta becoming lighter near edge with small yellow signal surrounded at end by dark maroon halo                         $40.00

Pacific Coast

Miwok.jpg (16904 bytes) Miwok Broidy’10 12’M PCI lavender blue self with narrow silvery edge on falls, pale yellow line signal surrounded by slight white veining $25.00


Bright Autumn Moo.jpg (22217 bytes)

Bright Autumn Moon Walker’10 29”M  JI 6 fall medium lavender lightning to lighter lavender rim; bright blue halo and veining; cream blue style arms, light lavender tips $40.00

Twilight Burst.JPG (28714 bytes)

Twilight Burst Walker’10 35”ML  JI 6 fall dark red violet halo and veining on a gray ground; fine red violet rims; dark yellow signal edged cream yellow; style arms & petaloids red violet tipped white                        $40.00

Miniature Dwarf Bearded

Tiny Whispers.jpg (18633 bytes)

Tiny Whispers Walker’10 7”ML MDB violet gray standards with faint gold veining and edge; faint violet style arms with gold cream edge and tipped old gold; old gold falls overlaid gray violet with gold veins and edge; gray beards tipped gold in throat                        $15.00

Standard Dwarf Bearded

Red Alarm.JPG (27684 bytes)

Red Alarm Walker’10 11”M SDB dark violet red standards; medium violet red styles; dark red violet center on falls lightning at tip and thin edge, red center line; violet beards with hairs tipped burnt orange                                             $15.00  

two Toned Gypsy.JPG (32223 bytes) Two Toned Gypsy Walker’10 11”M SDB light blue violet standards; blue gray style arms with a light cream edge; strawberry red falls, with a violet blue edge; beards burnt orange in throat & powder blue at end; slight sweet Fr. $15.00                      

 Tall Bearded

MONA  LEE  FRIES.jpg (28531 bytes)

Mona Lee Fries Broidy/Foster’10 35”M TB violet purple standards; purple style arms; lightly ruffled darker violet purple falls; dull gold beards; slight sweet Fr.   $40.00

Optimese.jpg (22082 bytes) Otimese Foster’10 36” M TB light orchid blue standards; orchid blue falls, lavender tipped yellow beards; ruffled & lightly laced    $40.00
SPOKANE SPLENDOR.jpg (16489 bytes) Spokane Splendor Foster’10 35”M TB dark red violet self; ruffled falls deeper & velvety; medium lavender beards $40.00


These plants are being introduced here for the first time although they were registered in different years

Baghdad Bank Robbery.jpg (15663 bytes) Baghdad Bank Robbery Stoneking-Jones Dip Sev Dor Re 32” M 5½”bloom  with 2 branches and 28 buds on this sun fast red with yellow throat  $60.00
Boot Scootin Tiny Towm Colorado.jpg (15922 bytes) Boot Scootin Tiny Town Colorado Stoneking-Jones Dip Dor Re Fr 22”EM 1¼” bloom with 6 branches and 62 buds on this miniature gold self  $60.00
Dwayne's Ancient One.jpg (15408 bytes)

Dwayne Ancient One Stoneking-Jones Dip Ev Re Fr 42” EM 5½” bloom, chrome yellow self, apple green throat  $50.00  

Oregon Heat.jpg (18081 bytes) Oregon Heat Stoneking-Jones Tet Sev Re Fr > 24” M 6½” bloom  2 branches, 22 buds on this white blushed pink blend, yellow crinkled edge and yellow throat        $60.00
Parker's Colour Echo.jpg (23379 bytes) Parker’s Colour Echo Stoneking-Jones Dip Dor Fr 36” EM 6¾” blooming Spider with 3 branches and 26 buds, orange red,  red eye above orange throat - seedling X H. aurantiaca major  $60.00
San Francisco Sunday.jpg (13884 bytes)

San Francisco Sunday Stoneking-Jones Dip > Sev Re Fr 22” E 4” bloom with 2 branches, 25 buds, Pink with dark pink edge, yellow throat           $60.00

Smudge Factor.jpg (20814 bytes) Smudge Factor Stoneking-Jones Dor Dip Re Fr 10” EM with 1” bloom has 2 branches and 18 buds, brown, mahogany red eye above chrome yellow throat on this unusual miniature hem coming from ‘Penny’s Worth $50.00


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